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Would you like to request your very own individual soap stamp? (process flow)

Step 1: Get informed!

Please inform yourself in advance in our “Frequently asked questions” section.

Step 2: Your request

Use our inquiry form below to request a non-binding offer.

Step 3: Testing feasibility

In the next step , we will check the feasibility of your desired motif and give you feedback via email in the event that adjustments or simplifications need to be made to realize it. We always try to show “how it works” and not to say across the board “that it doesn’t work” .

Step 4: Your preview

We create a simulated 3D view of your soap stamp layout free of charge . This shows you a detailed preview of your soap stamp from five different perspectives.

Step 5: The exact motif dimensions

Together with this preview, we will give you the exact dimensions of the acrylic glass block used , as well as the exact motif dimensions (width / height in mm). This gives you the opportunity to compare the dimensions of the stamp motif with the size of your soap bars.

Step 6: The final price

We will inform you about the individual price and the applicable shipping costs .

Step 7: The assignment

Please check our created preview, the dimensions provided and our
Offer carefully, because you do not have the right of withdrawal for items made specifically for you or tailored to your personal requirements.

If you like the layout and the offer, you can send us a binding order by email to produce your soap stamp.

Our terms and conditions apply

Step 8: Production

We produce your soap stamp , usually within 1-2 working days of placing the order.

Step 9: Shipping

At the same time as the goods are dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation with an attached product image and the invoice receipt by email.

Step 10: Accounting

Please pay the invoice amount conveniently and risk-free via bank transfer within 7 days.