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Here we address the most frequently asked questions and provide answers to them.

How much does an individual soap stamp cost?

The price for an individual soap stamp depends on the size of the motif and also significantly on the effort required to create it. Please send us your desired motif or the motif description by email and we will create an individual offer.

Our email address is:

What size should a soap stamp be?

The motif size should primarily be based on the soap size.

A larger motif is usually easier to stamp than a very delicate motif.

In any case, please allow for a minimum distance of +/- 1 cm from the edge of the soap.

I have a motif request, but no template.

Then name or describe your desired motif as specifically as possible.

Or send us a handwritten sketch.

We create a layout and send it for viewing and approval before production.

What delivery time should I expect?

The delivery time of course depends on the effort required to create the actual motif and the coordination effort with you as the client.

Normally, once the layout has been approved, we can dispatch goods in 1 - 2 working days.

Can you create texts/letters or a logo on my soap stamp?

Initials, words, company names, etc. are generally possible.

The letters on a soap stamp are also exposed to mechanical stress during stamping and must therefore be sufficiently stable (wide). And the impression on the soap should appear clean and legible. We have therefore created a "rule of thumb" for the minimum font size : We need an area of ​​at least 5 mm in width and height per letter. Ornate handwriting or cursive writing may require more space than clear block writing.

Which motives can actually be implemented?

A "normal stamp" applies an additional layer of ink, i.e. an imprint , to a flat surface. A soap stamp, on the other hand, leaves an impression that is created by compacting and displacing the soap mass. Space must be available for this displacement. When it comes to a soap stamp motif, the principle applies: “Less is more!” . Therefore, some motifs have to be "simplified" in order to represent them as a stamp impression.

We would be happy to advise you on this.

Which file formats can you process?

We can process pretty much every common file format. Ideally, a template should have a printable resolution.

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